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A historical connection in Florence, Italy

In July, the Trust visited the Natural History Museum in Florence to view the Sarawak botanical collections of Oduardo Beccari.

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A historical connection in Florence, Italy

Beccari fell in love with Sarawak's rich natural diversity, making three long visits as a friend of Rajah James, Rajah Charles and Ranee Margaret in the late 19th century. He named one of the world's largest flowers, Rafflesia Tuan Mudae after a young Charles Brooke, then Tuan Muda of Sarawak. The Ranee gifted a number of albums to Beccari, containing photos taken by her of her Sarawakian friends in Kuching. Dr Chiara Nepi, Head Curator at the Museum (pictured here with Jason Brooke) revealed from recent research that Beccari had almost given up on botany when the Ranee insisted he write his now famous book 'Wanderings in the Great Forests of Borneo'. Thankfully, to the benefit of future generations, Margaret helped to change his mind.

Friends of the Trust

Friends of the trust

Friends of the Trust have made large contributions over the past year to the development of the Rebuilding Royalist Project, the Brooke Gallery, and the digitisation of historic papers