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Burrator House

Burrator House

A current key project is to set up a museum and educational resource within Burrator House to showcase the historical connections of the house with Sarawak

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The Trust continues its work through the generosity of our supporters and is reliant on donations to fund its projects

Burrator is a little piece of Sarawak in England.  This was the place to which Rajah Sir James Brooke retired after he left Sarawak.  Not just the final home of Sir James, it is also the final resting place of all three Rajahs and a meaningful monument for Sarawakians.  We aim to continue the preservation of this historic house and estate for the public benefit through the establishment of a museum, gallery and educational resource featuring the unique Brooke Collection that demonstrates the unique history of Sarawak and the historical ties with Burrator.


Friends of the Trust

Friends of the trust

Friends of the Trust have made large contributions over the past year to the development of the Rebuilding Royalist Project, the Brooke Gallery, and the digitisation of historic papers